What should you do if an ATM machine does not return your bankcard?

One of the most annoying and confusing situations that can happen to an owner of a bankcard is having one’s card “swollen” by an ATM machine. This is certainly even worse when we are in a harry and have to act extremely quickly. What is it happens to you when you are abroad?

As you can imagine, it is better to know a necessary plan of actions beforehand.

Why an ATM machine can block your card?

Even though everyone expects to get one’s bankcard back after paying the money out, there are enough of possible situations in which it will not happen.

One of the most common cases is when a bankcard owner forgets a PIN password and enters a wrong one thrice. Another possibility is a problem with an ATM machine that has been detected by the service provider as compromised. For instance, it might be recording the payment information of the bankcards. In such a case, the service provider might block your card and sometimes, the ATM machine might not even give it back to you.

It is also risky not to get your bankcard right away when an ATM machine is showing it to you. The device might take it back and not offer it to you anymore.

What can you possibly do in such situations?

There are many possibilities for you, however, not all of them will be working.

First of all, try to press the cancel button. It is important to press it and hold it pressed for a couple of seconds.

If the ATM machine still refuses to return your card, find a phone number written on the machine itself and call it. While you will be speaking to the specialist, do not leave the ATM machine as you never know in which moment it decides to return your bankcard.

Unfortunately, you might come across a specialist who will not be of any great help and will not offer you any valuable recommendations and also will not send any expert to deal with the ATM machine.

If this happens, it is recommended to call your bank and block the card with its help. Blocking a card is extremely important as it can easily be used by some scammers.

What should you do if you have entered a wrong password thrice?

We have already mentioned that an ATM machine can refuse from returning your card because of a wrong password entered three times. Obviously, in such a case the fault is yours and you cannot count on any specific help from anyone else.

Still, in such a situation, an ATM machine will not be frozen and it is supposed to give you a special receipt with the code of an error. With this receipt, you will need to go to your bank and open a new card. Still, remember to block your old card before leaving the ATM machine.