What can you do if your bankcard is blocked without any apparent reason?

There is a number of situations in which a bank has a right to block your bankcard and in some situations your own behaviour can trigger such a decision. Yet, there are much more possibilities and sometimes you might be rather confused.

Possible reasons for blocking a bankcard

If you believe you have not done anything such that might have be a possible reason for blocking, in all likelihood, your bank has decided your money is in danger. Making a large number of transactions or online purchases within a rather short time or making several transactions from different countries within a short time can look rather suspicious to a bank, so it might decide to block your card.

Note, that your card might be blocked not only by your bank but also by the payment service you have just used. For instance, your ATM machine might have been involved into some fraudulent activity by recording personal information. In order to protect your money, the bankcard might get blocked into such a situation.

How can you deal with this problem?

The solution for the problem depends on the organisation that has decided to block your card.

If it is indeed your bank, you should certainly call an assistant. You can use the phone number located on your bankcard itself. In some cases, you might be lucky and your card will be immediately unblocked, however, this is possible only in the case if you indeed can prove that all of the transactions have been made by you.

If you fail to prove it, you will not be able to get your bankcard back and will have to get a new one. The same is true if it turns out a payment system itself has blocked your card.

How can you manage payments without a bankcard?

Certainly, such an unpleasant encounter will take some time and during this period you will still need your money. Fortunately, blocking a bankcard does not mean your account is blocked. While you will be fixing the problem with your card, you still have several options for using your money.

The easiest one is sending the money to another card in case you have it. Certainly, you can also pay money out in your bank directly. For this purpose, you will need to have your document. Note that some banks might ask you to pay for this service.

Finally, there is always a possibility to pay for various goods and services online directly through the banking system.