PIT 2022 – which type of form to fill out?

Every taxpayer is obliged to submit tax returns on time. There are a lot of PIT (Personal Income Tax) forms, and each should be filled in correctly and sent back to the tax office within a stated time. For this reason, first, the taxpayers must learn what form they will need. They should also check when to send PIT 37 or other completed forms to the tax office. Fortunately, some solutions will help you fulfil formalities efficiently and correctly. Check out the best option that will allow you to fill in PIT 2022 quickly and effortlessly.

If you want to take off the duty to settle with the tax office using the help of the program, you may select the appropriate form, complete it and submit it to the tax office in the comfort of your home. The convenience of e-PIT 2022 will help you choose from the following forms:

  • PIT 28
  • PIT 36
  • PIT 37
  • PIT 38 and many more.

How to choose the correct tax return form?

Before you start filling in your tax return for 2022, you need to know which PIT form to choose. There are plenty of PIT forms, and the choice is not so obvious. PIT 37, PIT 36, PIT 28 – these are just a few options. To choose the right one and send ePIT 2022, it is necessary to specify what type of income you earned throughout 2022 as a taxpayer. Do you still have doubts about which PIT to choose? Browse the short description of the most popular PIT forms below. For more information, read the detailed description in later sections of the article.

  • PIT 11: includes information (you get from your employer) on income and advance payments for income tax,
  • PIT 28: intended for taxpayers conducting business activity, taxed with a lump sum on recorded revenues, persons obtaining revenues from different types of lease, or revenues from civil law companies.
  • PIT 36: intended for persons conducting non-agricultural economic activity, or obtaining income from different types of lease, sources of income located abroad, winding up inventory, persons adding the income of their minor children, or reducing income by losses from previous years, and persons using the lump-sum tax.
  • PIT 37: intended for employees who do not run a business and earn income from an employment contract, mandate contract, or contract for specific work.
  • PIT 38: intended for persons who obtained revenues related to securities, derivatives of financial instruments, shares in companies with legal personality, revenues from taking up shares in such companies, or a contribution to cooperatives in exchange for a contribution other than cash, and not in the company.

Once you have selected the correct PIT form, it is worth using E-PITy online, a good program that will guide you through all the stages of submitting a tax return. Using the PIT 2022 program, you will submit your PIT return quickly and easily, and send your form via the Internet (along with downloading an official receipt – UPO). Use ePIT 2022 to meet the obligation to submit the form.

What is PIT 11, and when to use it?

PIT 11 is a document containing information on the amount of the taxpayer’s annual income and the taxpayer’s advance payments. This information concerns: 

  • revenue, 
  • income, 
  • tax-deductible expenses, 
  • advance tax payment,
  • health insurance contributions. 

PIT 11 is one of the PIT documents, based on which each taxpayer settles accounts with the tax office, in an annual tax return. The employer is obliged to send PIT 11 to both their employee and the tax office.

Who should fill in PIT 28?

You submit the annual PIT 28 tax return if you settle your accounts with the tax office using a lump sum, which is tax paid on income without reducing it by costs. The obligation to submit PIT 28 applies to revenues taxed in the form of a lump-sum tax on registered revenues due to:

  1. non-agricultural economic activity,
  2. lease, sublease, tenancy, rent, or other contracts of a similar nature settled as part of business activity,
  3. lease, sublease, tenancy, rent, or similar contracts, if you settle them as part of a private rental (other than business),
  4. sale of non-industrial processed agricultural products.

Using PIT-28, you can also settle the rental of advertising space on websites.

It is worth remembering that in the previous years, PIT 28 had to be submitted to the office by the end of February. Now you can send your PIT 28 with E-PITy online with other forms.

PIT 36 or PIT 37? Which form should you choose?

PIT 37 is the most popular tax form submitted in typical cases when an employee, contractor, or pensioner submits their only sources of annual income. PIT 36 should be submitted only in particular cases, e.g. when the taxpayer submits income from work abroad, income of their minor children, adds losses, or when the minimum tax rate applies to them. 

You can help by settling PIT online 2023

When settling a PIT online 2023, it is worth taking advantage of donating a small part of your tax, which costs you nothing. It’s 1.5% of the tax, which can be given to a selected public benefit organization (OPP) to support those most in need. By completing the PIT online 2023, you will do it quickly and easily. Just complete the indicated box in the form.