Common problems with bankcards

The majority of modern people of the Western countries heavily rely on bankcards. There is nothing strange in it since bankcards are offering us many useful functions. In addition to it, even those people who do not trust banks thus much, usually cannot resign from bankcards thus easily as the modern financial system has been digitalised to a high level.

Unfortunately, there can be a range of possible problems which can happen to any bankcard owner. Sometimes, it might be rather difficult to come up with a right idea about what can be done in such a situation. That is why, this article will be very helpful for you.

You have entered a bad PIN password thrice

One of the most common problems that can happen to a user of a bankcard is entering a bad password thrice. Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently and makes people write down their passwords and carry them around which is a rather bad idea.

If this happened to you, there is no universal practice for everyone. A lot depends on the regulations of your bank as well as on the location where the action has happened.

For example, if your card was blocked while you were trying to pay online at home, you might be lucky enough and your bank might unblock the card on its own within two days. Some banks will require taking some specific actions from you in order to unblock the card.

The worst-case scenario is probably using a wrong password thrice while your bankcard is in the ATM machine. Some machines will simply “swallow” your card and you will not be able to get it back.

How can you solve such a problem?

Certainly, you will need to contact your bank and ask them about the required steps to unblock your card. In the case of ATM machines, you might need to contact their service provider. This should be done while you are still near the machine, otherwise it might be released at any moment while you are out and someone else might take it.

What should you do with a stolen bankcard?

Of course, if you find your bankcard is stolen or lost, you should immediately contact your bank and block the card. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to realise your card is no longer with you right after its loss. Sometimes, the time passed between this realisation and the moment when someone starts using it is long enough to lose money. What can you do in such a case?

Block your bankcard

Undeniably, the very first thing you should do is blocking your bankcard. Even if you have a suspicion all of your money has already been withdrawn from it, you still should block your card. Yet, this is not the end of your actions.

Proving you have not completed the transactions

While you will be contacting your bank for blocking the card, let its workers know you have not made the recent transactions and would like to prove it. This might be somewhat troublesome since the majority of banks do not want to get involved into such challenging processes. Yet, you have such a right and you can force the bank workers to allow you use this chance.

Usually, you will have to sign some document stating you have not made those transactions. It will be easier for you to prove something like this if the money were spent on some offline purchase, especially if it has happened in another city. Here, you will need anything you are able to come up with to prove you have nothing to do with those transactions.

Contact the police

In all likelihood, the police will not be happy to deal with such a case as it is not thus easy to find someone stealing a bankcard. Still, you can benefit from that visit a lot as you will sign an official report which you can take to your bank to prove the fact the bankcard has been indeed stolen and you have not made up this story because you regret purchasing something.