Handling common problems with bankcards

While most of us know about some common problems that can happen to the users of bankcards, there are still some situations when we might feel bewildered and lost. Unfortunately, the majority of such situations require rapid reaction form us. that is why it is better to read about such possibilities and the actions you should take in advance and this article will provide you with them.

What if the payment was performed twice?

There are many possible cases in which you can receive a message with the information of paying for a purchase twice. For example, you are in the store trying to pay for the goods and the cashier tells you the payment was not carried out. You repeat the action and receive the message about paying twice.

What can be done is such a situation?

The very first thing you should do is to make sure you have spent your money on the same purchase twice indeed. There are many situations in which a system just gets frozen and the message does not guarantee the double-spending has actually happened.

Yet, if you can see it clearly, you should first deal with administration of the shop and ask them to get a refund for that transaction. Yet, you should be prepared to the possibility of dealing with not particularly cooperating people and they must simply refuse from cancelling the last transaction and returning you your money. If this is the case, you should keep all of the receipts and go straight to your bank. There, you will need to report the problem and ask the bank itself to cancel the transaction.

What if you have forgotten your bankcard somewhere?

Sometimes people forget their bankcards in public places. When they realise it, they revisit the place and they are lucky enough to find their card is still there.

Of course, this is really good for you to know that the card was not indeed stolen and the money has still not been withdrawn. It is also possible no one is planning to do anything illegal with your bankcard. Yet, you just cannot know that. there is no way to check anything such and you should not expect anything such will not happen in the future.

The best thing you can do even if the card was returned to you almost immediately is to call the bank right away and block it. Of course, you will have to get a new one, but thus, you will be able to protect your money for sure.

What if a waiter want to take your card away?

Sometimes, you might here that a payment device is located in a different place, so a waiter needs to take your bankcard to complete the payment procedure. No matter how much you trust people, such a possibility should not be accepted by any chance. This can be rather risky for your finances as you never know whether this person is planning to make a photo of your payment tool or not.

Of course, you should not accuse the person of anything illegal. All you should to do is just not hand the card over to the person and go with him or her to the payment therminal to finish the transaction on your own.

What should you do if you find a bankcard that does not belong to you?

Just as you can lose your own bankcard, you also can accidentally find the one belonging to someone else. If you are wondering what should be done in such a situation, this is certainly what you would like another person to do if he or she finds your bankcard.

Needless to say, it is not using the card for your own purchases. Do not treat such a situation as an especially lucky day for your finances. Even if you do not have any second thoughts about whether it is fair to use someone’s else card or not, think at least about the risks of such an endeavour. In reality, you can easily get into a serious trouble with the low enforcement service if you decide to use the money of the person who has lost it.

The best thing you should do is contacting the bank that has released that bankcard and ask it to block that card. Once the person becomes aware of the loss, he or she will just order a new bankcard and will not have to worry about a possibility of other people still storing the information about this payment method.