What should you do if an ATM machine does not pay out money?

ATM machines can freeze just as any other devices, however, in their case, such a probability can be especially unpleasant. Certainly, there are many situations when you just do not have time for dealing with the problem and actually do not even know how you can deal with it in the first place.

Providing you tried to pay your money out and it did not happen is not thus bad if the transaction was not completed in the system. Unfortunately, in some situations you will find the information that the money was withdrawn at a certain ATM machine while the money was actually not paid out. This can be extremely confusing.

Check the total on your bank account

The very first thing you should check is whether the amount of money on your bank account has changed or not. Whether you are supposed to get a message with the information about money withdrawal or not, it is better to go straight to the bank account and check this information directly.

Do it while you are still near the ATM machine as there is always a probability of the device paying out money at any moment.

Contact the specialists

If you see, your money is indeed no longer on your bank account and the ATM machine is refusing to pay it out, you should call the financial organisation, however, you should contact the specialists of the organisation responsible for the ATM machine rather than the bank that has given you your bankcard. Of course you might be using the ATM machine of the bank whose card you are using as well, yet it might not be so as well.

Explain the situation to the bank specialists. It might happen that this information is sufficient for getting your money back.

Still, there is always a probability of getting into a more tedious process of money return. You cannot know it beforehand, so you should take a photo of the device that has refused to pay your money out and ask the people standing behind you for some contact to prove the claim that you have not received your money.

Depending on the rules of your certain bank, you might need to go there in person and ask them to return your money in a written form. Usually, banks use the information from the cash-in-transit service to compare it with the amount of money that was supposed to be paid out to you. This is enough to see whether you are right in this situation or not.

In any case, you have a possibility to receive your money, so you certainly should give it a shot.