A windshield replacement and insurance

There is nothing pleasant in getting into any situation which can cause any damage to your car and make you go through the process of fixing or even replacing a part of your vehicle. One of the most popular parts of the cars which require replacement are severely damaged windshields.

Providing something like that have happened to your car and now you will have to go through the entire process of replacing a windshield or a window in your vehicle, you will certainly find this article useful, especially if you are not well-aware of the exact way the insurance companies are working in such a situation.

Comprehensive coverage of the damage

In the majority of situation when your windshield is broken or just cracked, you will be able to receive comprehensive coverage of the costs of fixing the damage. Yet, there are specific factors which should cause such a damage in order to make it possible for you to file a claim for comprehensive coverage.

Mostly, the reasons which will make you entitled to get such a financial coverage are having the windshield damage by various falling debris. Usually, hitting an animal, for example a deer will also allow you to get comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage

As you can imagine, as a rule the cases which do not go under the comprehensive coverage, are the situations in which you will be applying for collision coverage. The damages should be the result of a car crash in order to make it possible for you to get this type of coverage.

Pay your attention to the fact the situation is different when the damage occurs in the collision which is not your fault. In such a case, you can file a different claim which will be against the insurance of the person who caused the collision.

The costs of fixing a damaged windshield

Undeniably, you might be wondering now how much you will have to pay for fixing a windshield which has been broken. What you should know at the very beginning is that it will cost you less to repair a windshield rather than to replace the entire one. What is more important is that it is indeed possible and you can fix just a piece of the windshield. Note this fact as many people are not particularly acquainted with the technology used for car fixing and they might have a feeling they will have to replace the entire element of their vehicle in any case.

The reason for such discrepancies in prices and costs for work is usually the result of the amount of material required in order to get your windshield fixed. As you can imagine, windshield replacement means the entire windshield is replaced whereas a fix can require a way less material. Hence, the prices for these services are pretty different. What you know for sure is that in case your windshield has got just a crack or a chip, you do not want to stretch the process of fixing out to the moment when you have to replace the entire element rather than just repairing it.

There are some other factors which will determine the final price of the service. Of course, a lot depends on the location in which you would like to fix your car. The car’s model as well as its make are of a great importance for setting the costs of the repairing service as well. Finally, there are also different types of glass used in windshield and windows and they can make the costs of the procedure pretty different.

Paying the deductible

It is essential to understand that insurance companies have first to analyse the damage and make some research regarding your case. This service is paid with the amount of money popularly known as deductible. Whether or not you have to pay this sum of money or not will depend on the location since such a point of the procedure is regulated by the local law.

For instance, in the USA, in the majority of its states the rule will make you pay this amount of money on your own, however, there are states where you can count on the coverage of the deductible in some particular cases. Thus, in Florida, you will be able to count on the financial aid of your insurance company in the case of comprehensive claims.

By the way, this point is also determined by a particular insurance company. For some of them, you will be able not to pay the deductible if for instance the crack on the windshield can be repaired. Others might be willing to waive the costs of the deductible in the case of the damage not exceeding a particular size.

Taking this facts into consideration, it might be sensible to make a research on the exact requirements of the place where you are going to have your car fixed and on the specific regulations of your company.