What Happens if You Don’t Have Insurance?

Insurance isn’t required. For the most part, getting it isn’t a law or rule. So why is it important to get insurance and what risks do you face if you are insured?

All the other articles have mentioned why you should get insurance. But it’s an added expense so can’t you just not get insurance? What’s the worst that could happen right? We’ll explore everything that could happen if you don’t have insurance so you’ll see exactly why spending money on insurance will be worth it.


Difficulty Accessing Healthcare

The first thing that could happen if you do not get insurance, specifically health insurance, is you’ll have difficulty accessing quality healthcare. It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive. From the routine checkups and medicine you need to getting into admitted into hospitals and having to pay for surgeries, a lot of people are unable to get the treatment they need because they can’t afford it.

A solution to this problem is health insurance. This covers certain hospital costs and though your bill will still be expensive, it will be more manageable. Imagine having to pay all your medical bills without the help health insurance offers.

Unprotected from Unexpected Costs

The whole point of insurance is to cover expenses that can be extremely detrimental to yourself and your savings. Without insurance, you’re unprotected from costs that’ll come so suddenly that you didn’t have time to prepare. Say you’ve gotten into a car accident and you aren’t insured. You’d have to seek medical attention which will cost a lot depending on your injuries and pay for your vehicle’s repair.

A great way to prepare yourself for these costs is by getting insurance. Get insurance and you can avoid the crushing weight of bills that will keep piling up if you don’t pay these debts or bills off.

A Huge Amount of Debt

Health insurance, as we’ve said, helps pay for medical bills when you get ill or injured. Without this, you’ll have to pay for these yourself which can lead to debts and even bankruptcy. A professor of Health Services Administration says that a cancer diagnosis, broken leg, or car accident can cost thousands of dollars.

If you have a great amount of debt, you’ll be living your entire life trying to pay it off. It takes a toll on you and you might not be able to fully enjoy life.


Insurance is something you’ll have to add to your list of expenses if you decide to get it. But it’s something to protect from the crushing weight of debts, medical expenses, and repairs. And paying the premium for insurance seems incredibly worth it, don’t you think?

There are tons of types of insurance you can get. You can get yourself, your car, and even your pet insured. Enjoy your life free of debt and be financially stable with insurance. It’s a great way to save as well!