The most frequently asked questions about insurance for windshield replacement

Have the windshield of your recently got damaged? Then, you certainly need to read this article which will provide you with a great amount of crucial information regarding the way car insurances are working in such a case. The structure of this article has a categorisation into the most frequently asked questions about such a type of insurance which will make it even easier for you to navigate through the facts listed here.

Read this article carefully and you will know what to expect and how to address the situation properly.

What are the types of coverage available in the case of windshield replacement?

Similarly to other damages which can occur in other parts of your car, when it comes to the replacement of a windshield, a particular type of coverage will depend on the reason why such a damage has occurred. In the case of collisions with other people and specifically with other vehicles, the collision coverage will apply.

If it happens that the damage was caused by some other factor such as for instance by a collision with an animal or any debris falling on your vehicle, you will be able to apply for comprehensive coverage.

Does your insurance company pay for the damages occurred in the collisions caused by another driver?

If it happens you get into a collision which has not been caused by you and the culprit for it is another driver, you can count on getting the coverage from his or her insurance company. Still, in this case you will have to file a special claim which will be against the insurance company of that driver.

Do you always have to pay the deductible?

One of the most confusing questions is certainly about the deductible which stands one of the costs included into the total paid for the repairing process of your car. As you probably know, the deductible is the amount of money paid to the insurance company for the estimation of the damage that happened to your vehicle.

When it comes to this service, a lot depends exactly on the regulations of insurance companies relevant to the place where you would like to have your car fixed as well as for the regulations offered by exactly your insurance companies.

There might be absolutely different situations. For instance in the USA, you will find the practice of a driver paying the deductible almost everywhere. Still, in some places, it might be stated that a driver can pay either the deductible or the comprehensive. Finally, there are specific regulations of particular insurance companies. Some of them might be willing to cover the deductible in the case when the damage is less than a particular size set by them.

When should you file a claim to your insurance company?

It is highly recommended to contact your insurance company and report your claim as soon as the damage takes place. This is extremely important because you will have to wait for the insurance company to assess the damage and only afterwards, it is recommended to start the fixing procedure of the vehicle.

At the same time, it is highly important to repair the windshield as quickly as possible especially if it is not completely damaged. That is so since there is a high possibility you will be able to fix only a small part of it which requires repairing, however, leaving a cracked or chopped windshield without repairing can possibly cause further damages of the windshield. In such a case, you will have to pay a way more money for fixing it.

Can you get a coverage for repairing the damages caused by rock chips?

Many drivers are wondering whether it possible for them to get coverage for the chips on the windshield caused by rocks. Indeed, this is one of the most frequent problems happening to a windshield.

Fortunately, as a rule, insurance companies will offer you comprehensive coverage for such a type of a damage. Just like it has already been mentioned above, it is highly recommended to fix such damages in order to prevent the chips and cracks from spreading around the entire windshield.

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