Recovering your stolen mobile device

No wonder how your mobile device can get theft, mugged, or can face any such unfortunate circumstances. Due to its small factor and flexibility, mobile devices suffer from loss, theft, and damage more than their larger devices, like laptops or desktops. Hope nobody has to face this. In case, you have to face this situation and your device contains sensitive data, there are a few options you have.

Locator service

The very obvious step you can take is to use the locator service of your device. That is incredibly helpful to locate your device. For this to work, you need to have a Google, Apple, or Manufacturer account. For instance, There was this time, I came back home and found that my mobile phone is missing.

Naturally, I looked for it everywhere inside the house, but no luck. Figured I needed to take the next step. I logged into my google account, which is synced with my lost phone, from my computer and found that the device is marked somewhere outside. I managed to get it, someone found it but it was already doomed under wheels.

Protecting your sensitive data

That is just the use of locator service. What if you have sensitive data, like credit card information, or other data? In that case, you need to act way quicker. First thing first, ensure you keep your data backed up at all times. You should sync those data from local to cloud services for an extra layer of protection.

There are plenty of cloud services out there, from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive, and so on. Relying on the cloud is incredibly useful. In that way, you would not have to worry, at least about those data, in case you found yourself in a disaster.

Every phone has a way to back up its data. Most of them are found inside the settings. For Apple devices, you can use the backup and restore service using one of their services, like iCloud, iTunes, or Apple Configurator to deal with an army of iOS devices. Android devices use the Google backup features that come with the Operating system.

Delete your data remotely

Secondly, If you feel threatened and at greater risk of exposing those data brings, your second option is to remotely wipe the data from the device. You can easily do that Apple account. You simply just log in, locate your device, and set the button, and everything inside the phone is wiped out. When you are sure you won’t ever get the device back, the best option is to nuke the device like that. This is equally fair and simple on Android devices as well. You just log in, locate, and boom!