Points included into tourist insurance policy

Are you looking for a tourist insurance policy? In such a case, you should be informed about the points included into it. This article will tell you more about a basic form of insurance and the options you can add into it.

Basic tourist insurance

As you can imagine, a basic tourist insurance policy is basic. It means the list of situations for which you can get compensation is rather limited. Yet, it can be enough for many people, especially for those who is not suffering from any chronic illnesses and is not planning to participate in any active sport events. This is also enough for getting a visa.

With such insurance, you will have support in the case you have to use medical service at the place of your temporary residence as well as in hospital. Your stay in hospital will also be paid which is highly important in the case of many western countries where the prices of stay in the hospital are rather high.

The transport to the doctor or hospital will is also included into insurance as well as special medical transportation from abroad. In case you receive medications prescribed by a doctor, you will get compensation for the costs. In addition to it, the costs of phone calls to the customer service will also be compensated. Finally, in the worst case scenario, the costs of the transportation after death is also included into basic insurance.

Pay your attention to one more point which is sometimes included into insurance, however, it depends on the company. Some tourist insurance will also provide you with financial support if the help of a dentists is needed whether it is the case of acute pain or as a result of an injury.

Be careful about the appearance of the document of a regular tourist insurance policy. There must be an official stamp of the company in it as well as a phone number which one can use in case of one needs to use the insurance policy.

Additional points one can include into a tourist insurance policy

There is a large variety of extra points which can be added into an insurance policy and sometimes they can be very useful. Here, we are going to talk about the points which can be useful for people without any chronic health conditions or other extra needs.

Compensation in the case of alcohol abuse

Unfortunately, many tourists are unaware of the fact they actually cannot use their basic insurance policy if they have consumed at least a bit of alcohol. This is a clever trick performed by the majority if not all of the insurance companies. A person does not have to be really drunk so that everyone can see it or he or she does not even have to overcome any threshold of alcohol in the blood. It is enough to just consume the smallest amount of alcohol which will show its minimal amount in the blood and a person will not have an opportunity to use any medical help with his or her insurance policy.

Even when one’s health problem is undeniably not connected to the fact one has consumed some alcohol, it will not change the situation. Note that some other additional points of an insurance policy might also not work if a person has consumed some alcohol. For example, the insurance in the case of accidents.

Insurance in the case of accidents

It is crucial to understand there is a difference between compensation in the case of medical help and accidents. Certainly, accidents can lead to a need to seek medical help, however, insurance in the case of accidents will give you additional compensation.

Medical help in the case of sunburns

If you are going into a rather hot country, it is quite possible that you might become a victim of the burning sun and have sunburns even if you are not prone to them in your country. It is also important to pint it out that this case is not supported by the basic medical insurance and you should include it into your policy additionally.

Sport and other physical activities

Another thing many tourists do not know is that insurance companies do not compensate any medical help in the case of an injury developed as a result of skiing or driving a scouter. These options are not included into a basic package, so if you want to protect yourself better, you should include them into your policy.