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Medical help abroad – extra points to add into your tourist insurance policy

If you look at a basic tourist insurance policy offered by the majority of companies, you will find it very useful and broad covering a lot of situations when one’s health requires medical attention. In the reality it is working in a different way. In fact, there are many exception from the tourist insurance policy which you should be aware of and include them in case there is a high probability you might need them, otherwise, you might face a situation in which you cannot get any compensation for your case.

Sun burns

One of the most popular type so injuries acquired by tourists in hot countries is a sun burn. Unfortunately, even though there is nothing special about it, one cannot count on compensation in case of a need to get some medical help as this point is not included into the basic insurance policy.

Allergic reactions

While many people with allergies are aware of the fact allergic reactions are not a part of a basic tourist insurance policy, people who do not have any allergies tend to not include them into their policy. Needless to say, this can be pretty dangerous especially if one is visiting an exotic country and especially in the case of small children. You never know which untypical product will trigger an allergic response or which insect can cause you serious trouble with its bite.

Medical help for people who have had alcohol

An extremely widespread problem many tourists are facing is rejection in getting compensation in the case of health issues because they were presumably drunk. The policy is made in such a way that absolutely any amount of alcohol in blood is regarded to be an alcohol abuse by insurance companies. In such a case, even if you want to treat flue rather than severe hangover, you will not get any help unless you add this particular point into your insurance as well.

Sport activities

Needless to say many tourists are going abroad in order to enjoy sport activities which can be rather traumatic. At the same time, in the case of any injuries received in such a way, one cannot count on any compensation. Certainly, it will be a good idea to include it into your policy, however, you should prepare to pay some extra money for it.

Note that the price will also depend on the fact whether a particular kind of sport is your hobby or you are doing it professionally. Furthermore, there are extra services which can be included into such an insurance policy. For example, they can be the costs of search and rescue as well as evacuation.


Of course, pregnant women can count on medical help offered as a part of a basic tourist insurance policy. For example, breaking a leg will be compensated with such an insurance, yet, any other problem related directly to pregnancy is not included into a basic policy. Certainly, a pregnant person should include such a point into an insurance policy even if everything is going well.

Note there are three different types of insurances for expecting women with the first one valid until the 12th week of pregnancy, the second one valid until the 24th week and the third one valid until the 31st week. It is a general practice not to give an insurance policy to women with a more advanced pregnancy.

Treating chronic illnesses

Chronic illnesses are not a part of a basic insurance and one has to pay for them extra money. Pay your attention to the fact usually such insurance helps only in the case of reducing the symptoms of the illness rather than recovering from it.

It is crucial to check the exact list of illnesses included into the point for chronic conditions. In addition to it, any disabilities are regarded by insurance companies as a separate health conditions, so one should inform the specialist about having them in order to know what to count on.

The first help in the case of oncology conditions

Unfortunately, a basic insurance policy also does not help in the case of oncology illnesses. This requires an additional payment.

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