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Homeowners Insurance Rate Comparison

The information provided below is for comparison purposes only. Even though these are real rates, rates vary considerably depending on the circumstances. Also, not all cities are available. Please select a city that is comparable in size with your own.

Step 1:  Please choose the type of insurance you want
  • HO-3: Insures against risk of direct physical loss to buildings and broad named perils on losses to contents including theft

    Building TypeInsurance Amount
    Click HERE to select  Frame (Exterior wall of wood or other combustible construction, including wood iron-clad, stucco on wood or plaster on combustible supports)
    Click HERE to select  Masonry Veneer (Exterior walls of combustible construction veneered with brick or stone

  • HO-4: Provide broad named perils coverage against losses on content of a rental unit including theft.

    Click HERE to select   8 units or more in the same frame construction building
    Click HERE to select  8 units or more in the same veneer construction building
    Click HERE to select  Single family frame
    Click HERE to select  Single family veneer

  • HO-6: Co-op and Condominium Insurance Policy: provide broad named perils against losses of an owner occupied condominium unit incliding theft.

    Click HERE to select  8 units or more in the same frame construction condominium
    Click HERE to select  NC/AAA (non-combustible: exterior walls and floors and roof constructed of, and supported by, metal asbestos, gypsum, or other non-combustible materials)

  • Step 2:  Please choose a geographic area that is similar to where the unit is located


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